The Fireworks was started by Matthew in Bristol as an on off, on off thing. In the first rehearsal he was the drummer! After time, people convinced him to just finally DO IT, so he drafted in some of his friends from around South East London including original members Carys (The Give It Ups) and Matt (A Fine Day for Sailing) and they started playing gigs. Emma (Pocketbooks) was originally a guest singer on one song, but eventually became a full-time member, until she decided to move on and Beth (Trembling Blue Stars/Lightning in a Twilight Hour/The Luxembourg Signal) took over. Isabel (Things In Herds) replaced Matt when he departed to focus on his other bands, and then when Carys left to concentrate on her studies, Shaun (The Wedding Present/The Popguns) joined to play drums and additional guitar. There are also others who may have stood in, or rehearsed with us once, who can say ‘I was a Firework’!

As for their sound, they’re best described as “a magnificent breathtaking display of coruscating, incandescent POP!” Simple catchy songs with blistering qualls of feedback, sharp chiming guitars, rambunctious drums and bass, and perfectly matched female and male vocals. They feel like a group that was always meant to be, holding the sonic qualities of the past, but very much in the now and completely true to themselves. A beacon of hope in the saturated sea of “copycat” noise pop groups. They uphold the values from those special records from 1984-86, when bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Shop Assistants, My Bloody Valentine, and Razorcuts changed our lives forever. Now The Fireworks are ready to change yours!


7″ vinyl – “The Fireworks EP” (Shelflife) 19th March 2013

7″ vinyl – “Runaround” (Shelflife) – October 2013

Candy Twist Compilation LP “Nobody’s Business” – “I Wish You’d Go”

Flexi postcard “Getting Nowhere Fast” (FreakScene) – March 2014

Digital download – “On and On” – November 2014

Vinyl, CD and download – debut album “Switch Me On” (Shelflife Records) – 10th February 2015

10″ blue vinyl – “Black and Blue” EP (Shelflife) – 15th July 2016

7″ vinyl – “Dream About You” (Opposite Number (UK)  / Shelflife (US)) – 21st April / 5th May 2017




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