FRESH FAVS 85: The Fireworks on this week’s FRESH ON THE NET choice list

The Fireworks’s song ‘Runaround’ has been chosen to be in this week’s ‘Fresh Faves’ list, on Tom Robinson’s blog FRESH ON THE NET. The Team Freshnet member Johnno Casson  has reviewed this weeks’ song choices and here is what he had to say about our track:


Oi Oi!!! That woke me up. How great to hear a female led guitar band again. A totally refreshing 11.48am tonic, that was. I can really see the attraction dear readers (you are bloody good at picking the tunes). Its sort of indie pop with an 80′s tinge but yet not quite. It’s garagey, poppy, electric and an instant ear worm. The Fireworks are based in London and have been playing all over – including the Indietracks Festival (ooh I love the look of that one – I bet it was great) and they sound smashing.


Read and listen here about the other bands  also chosen this week.

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