FRESH FAVS 58: The Fireworks on this week’s FRESH ON THE NET choice list

The Fireworks’s song ‘All the things that you said’ has been chosen to be in this week’s ‘Fresh Faves’ list, on Tom Robinson’s blog FRESH ON THE NET. The young and handsome Team Freshnet member James Robins  has reviewed this weeks’ song choices and here is what he had to say about our track:

THE FIREWORKS – All The Things That You Said

There must be something in the air this week, as continuing the summery feel are The Fireworks, with a solid dose of stomping, scuzzy garage rock. Lurching along in slightly tipsy fashion, this track pulls off the trick of being free, loose and a little bit shambolic, whilst all the time maintaining a drive and purpose which holds your focus right to the last chord. The band started life in 2011, with guitarist and vocalist Matthew singing his songs down to phone to friends. However they’ve since developing into fully-fledged four-piece and show of sign of letting up any time soon. ‘All The Things That You Said’ is taken from the band’s recently released self-titled EP, which is available via their website.

Read and listen here about the other bands  also chosen this week.

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